Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This should be the end of my Photo A Day

I'm sitting here thinking...actually, I've been thinking it all day. I need to give this photo a day up. I've missed a lot of days. I actually don't want to pick up the camera...like, I'm refusing it.  But I always feel this way after the busy family season. Maybe I will post the shots that I have taken and not be hard on myself for not getting a shot everyday. I need to cut me some slack and finish strong.


  1. Don't beat yourself up. Life is short. Hey, I bagged out of my November, Thankful for. I couldn't even get through that. So much I've got and at times rather be doing. I adore you and wish we could be real friends, not blog friends. I know I'm not alone in thinking your awesome. So from the wierdo blog stalker, I think your the tops. :)

  2. I missed more days than you my first trimester and I just picked it up again. You can do it. The year is almost up!!! Don't give up - PLEASE!!

  3. So close!! Just post some and finish--a 365 is a major accomplishment and you've done so well!!



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