Monday, December 26, 2011

LARGE Family photo

Click on the photo so you can see it bigger.
I took on the challenge of photographing a million people (okay 37 in all) in my family. We went into the studio because its December and typically there's snow on the ground but thats not true this year. It was pretty warm today...47 degrees. To me that means I don't need to wear a coat and to Kim that means she need to be bundled up in her down coat with gloves and a hat (she's from California...those guys are wimps...he he!)
I love how this turned out. I shot every family separately cuz thats just easier and then merged all the families together.

It goes oldest on the right to the youngest on the left.
Greg is the oldest in is family and so am I we have 5 kids then Brian and Kerstin with 4 kids next is Scott and Jamie with 3 kids in the middle is Mom and Dad with frowzy then Nate and Jilleen with 5 kids with one on the way, Eric and Kim with 4 kids and then Julie and Steve with 4 kids. Yeah that's a lot of people when we get together for family dinners. 

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