Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lights on Temple Square

Can you see Moroni in the photo below?

What a beautiful night to spend on Temple Square and it was surprisingly warm. I really hate to be cold. Its why I don't do winter sports.
I've really wanted to get some Lights at Temple Square for a fun print to hang at Christmas time. I think I got some I like.
This was so fun for me though I wish that had a few of my lenses, my babies are in the shop. Oh, and I wish tripod's where is easier to use they just get in the way.
And Suzanne thanks for taking me and teaching me some great photo skills. I love that the only tip was if you want the star effect have your fstop at a 22 and your good to go. Its all I needed to run with.

And a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Greg. He was so nice to let me go out on his special day.

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